Opening Times


Thursday 24th December  8.30am - 4.00pm

Friday 25th December Emergencies only

Saturday 26th December Emergencies only

Sunday 27th December Emergencies only

New Year

Thursday 31st December 8.30am - 4.00pm

Friday 1st January Emergencies only

Saturday 2nd January Normal hours


All appointments including weekends are by appointment only. Please ring for an appointment before attending at the surgery even in an emergency. In an emergency this allows us to prepare staff and equipment for your arrival!

Our opening hours for both surgery and consultations* are detailed below:

  Surgery Hours Consultation Hours *
Monday 08.30am - 6.30pm 9-10am : 3-4pm : 5-6.30pm
Tuesday 08.30am - 6.30pm 9-10am : 3-4pm : 5-6.30pm
Wednesday 08.30am - 6.30pm 9-10am : 3-4pm: 5-6.30pm
Thursday 08.30am - 6.30pm 9-10am : 3-4pm: 5-6.30pm
Friday 08.30am - 6.30pm 9-10am : 3-4pm: 5-6.30pm
Saturday 09.00am - 11 am Emergencies only
Sunday Emergencies only Emergencies only

* By appointment only

To make an appointment please call: 01377 255888

At Priory Vets in Driffield we aim to provide the highest standard of professional veterinary care with dedicated and caring personnel - in a friendly environment. If you have a problem with any aspect of of the service you or your pet have received, please do not hesitate to call in or telephone us. We are always here to listen, and will assist in any way we can. image description